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Yes, ladies...summer is HERE!!
Which means it's time to break out your swimmers and head to the beach!  
Choosing a swimmer can be a grueling experience, especially if (like us) you don't have many local shopping options and are forced to buy online.  
One thing to remember when buying online is that each store has their own sizing guideline, so measuring yourself is crucial! Most sites have their own sizing chart with measurements and that is what you should go by!

Here are a few of our favorite bombshell swimmers:

Other pinup worthy swimwear sites are:

But always remember that the sun should be a casual acquaintance, not a constant companion!   So this summer make your go-to accessories sunscreen, a wide-brim hat and fabulous sunglasses and you will stay looking like a bombshell for years to come!


  1. I'm a fan of the red one. :-D

  2. All the pictures are really awesome. Hope to see some more pix like these.


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