Fabulous Fridays


Good morning lovely readers!!  We are starting a new feature on our blog this week - Fabulous Fridays!!  Every Friday we will have a special post highlighting some of our favorite things.  Today we have baking on the brain..

  These gorgeous ladies inspired us!

We definitely need the perfect vintage inspired apron and isn't this one just wonderful?

And we can't forget the Pyrex mixing bowls!  

A cute oven mitt is important!!

And we are drooling over this amazing vintage mixer...

Of course, we'll need something to keep all of our yummy treats in!  Here is an adorable (maybe a teensy bit creepy) vintage cookie jar that must have been made for us!

Can't wait to get into the kitchen and get cooking this weekend!
Have a FABULOUS Friday everyone! 

Christmas Theme


After a lot of of thought we have decided that this years Christmas them will be......

Classic vintage Christmas so think tinsel tree, vintage wrapped presents.. We can't wait!

To book your shoot just click the link, please note that for some reason firefox does not work well with our system so please use Internet explorer=)

180.00 an 80.00 deposit to book and 100.00 on shoot day.

Full pinup transformation, with hair and makeup. Use of our costume collection and props.
Makeup, hair, costumes, set and (4) retouched images on photo DVD with print release


The story behind the set


The story behind the set…

A lot goes in to the making of one of our fabulous sets.. It all starts with an idea for a theme.

Then I draw up some sketches of my ideas and bounce them off of my staff (Lady).

After that I usually consume as much inspiration as a can based on the current theme, usually so much so that I become complete sick of whatever the theme is after it’s all said and done.

Then the shopping starts, tons of it… Our big themes, take a lot of shopping and planning for the end result. Then usually about 40 hours of editing the combined images. In the end it all pays off when I am able to capture amazing images. I hope that you enjoy my labor of love... The Let them eat cake theme shoot. Stunning images to follow soon!


Studio tour


We thought that we would give you guys a little behind the scenes tour of our studio.

Roxy, one of Sugars pitbulls hanging out in the office.

Ladies desk and Roxy taking a nap...it’s hard work being a mascot...

Sugars Desk

Makeup and hair

Makeup and Hair

Wow Lady that sure is a big makeup kit!

Some of our shoes

Thanks Celia we love it and you!( A gift from one of our favorite pinup models and PFPB volunteer)

Dressing room

Dressing room

Dressing room

Dressing room... My goodness we have a lot of stuff...

Waiting area

Oh yes....

Sugars favorite things<3

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