Marie Antoinette


That's right, bombshells!
The theme of our big September photo-shoot will be inspired by the headless lady herself, Marie Antoinette!!

We are so excited for this!  We'll be creating a one of a kind set and hunting down the perfect wardrobe choices!
It's going to be BANANAS!!!

As of today 20 slots are available for this shoot, which will take place September 14-17 in our Jacksonville, NC studio.
(Hair, makeup and wardrobe is provided.) Theme shoots are amazing because you get a once in a lifetime opportunity to take stunning photos at an incredibly good rate.  Don't miss out!
To book your shoot go HERE and we will see you in September!!

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Cherry's Dressing Room


Just a little bit of fun inspiration for your week!

Modern Rockabilly
For details click on image!

Don't forget to vote for the theme of our next photo shoot!  You have one week left to help us decide between pirates or Marie Antoinette!!

Rock The Vote


Now that you've seen both options for our next theme shoot, can you help us out by voting for the theme you think we should bring to life?

Remember, we're debating between PIRATES and MARIE ANTOINETTE!

(The poll is on the upper right sidebar.)

We're leaving it up to our fans to decide. You have until May 30, so spread the word and whichever theme gets the most votes will be our next shoot!

Pirate Theme Shoot Inspiration


We're having a little dilemma here at CherryBlossoms.
We're trying to plan our next theme shoot and cannot decide between Marie Antoinette or pirates.
You've seen our take on Marine Antoinette, but here's some pirate inspiration!


Eye Patch






What do you think?
To see the entire Etsy treasury, chick HERE!

Inspiration and Pretty Things


We've got Marie Antoinette on the brain...perhaps the next theme photo shoot? 


What do you think?

Check out our complete Etsy treasury for more!

Behind the Scenes!


This week was our mermaid themed photo shoot but before we transformed our lovely ladies into sea goddesses, we experimented on ourselves!

Think of it as a dress rehearsal.

We built the set and spent several hours testing various makeup techniques to get the look we were going for.  Photographer extraordinaire Tabatha also designed and handmade the mermaid costumes, which were stunning!  We took a few test shots and the Photoshop fairy worked her magic to make them extra fabulous!

 I can't wait to see all the CherryBlossom's mermaids!!

Shoot Inspiration


In preparation for this week's mermaid-inspired photo shoot, I've found some inspiration for incorporating the ethereal mermaid into your modern day attire!

Stay tuned for some beautiful shots from the upcoming session!

Modern Mermaid
*For details on the items shown, click on the image!

Cherry's Dressing Room


 The 1950's housewife is an icon whose style has been reincarnated and updated in recent years.
Dresses cinched at the waist, ruffled aprons, pin-curled hair and heels are just a few staples of this timeless look.  The iconic housewife always knew how to emphasize her best features with tasteful elegance.  The result was a perfect mix of sex appeal and class.
Etsy is a fabulous resource for vintage and vintage inspired items. Here are a few perfect pieces for your inner 1950's housewife!

*Clockwise from upper left: Vintage red dress from Simplicity is Bliss, vintage rotary phone from Rhan,  black birdcage veil from Baroque and Roll, handmade polka dot apron from Lover Dover's Clothing, vintage red dress from Timeless Vixen Vintage, vintage pearls from Twisted and Charming, white vintage handbag from 13 Bees,  vintage summer dress from Traven 7.

Cherry's Dressing Room


There's something about the nautical style that screams summer!
The bold, bright colors that make this look so versatile and fun also make it a breeze to pull off, both day and night.  Start with some cherry red nail polish and go from there! You can opt for a low key color palate, like the look shown on the left, or kick it up a notch! Just make sure you feel comfortable and beautiful and the rest will fall into place.
Natuical By Day...
*For details on the items shown, click on the image!

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