Cherry's Dressing Room


 The 1950's housewife is an icon whose style has been reincarnated and updated in recent years.
Dresses cinched at the waist, ruffled aprons, pin-curled hair and heels are just a few staples of this timeless look.  The iconic housewife always knew how to emphasize her best features with tasteful elegance.  The result was a perfect mix of sex appeal and class.
Etsy is a fabulous resource for vintage and vintage inspired items. Here are a few perfect pieces for your inner 1950's housewife!

*Clockwise from upper left: Vintage red dress from Simplicity is Bliss, vintage rotary phone from Rhan,  black birdcage veil from Baroque and Roll, handmade polka dot apron from Lover Dover's Clothing, vintage red dress from Timeless Vixen Vintage, vintage pearls from Twisted and Charming, white vintage handbag from 13 Bees,  vintage summer dress from Traven 7.

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