Fabulous Friday!!


It's Friday again!!  One of our favorite holidays is Halloween and today we have it on the brain!  

How cute is this vintage bat girl??

And we love this sexy witch by artist Bill Layne!

And of course this one by Elvgren...

And we LOVE these cute (slightly creepy) kids, all ready for trick or treating!

Vintage ads are always awesome, especially this one for Halloween candy..

And this pinup in the Pepsi ad is fabulous!

How cool is this mask?!

We can't wait for Halloween!!  Are any of you dressing up??

Fabulous Fridays


We can thank Christian Dior for the gorgeous style of the 1950's.  He launched his first collection in 1947.  Known as the "New Look," it featured the classic rounded shoulder, tiny waist, and full skirt that we all know and love.  After the frugal, plain styles during the war, women were ready for the glamourous new fashion.  The influence of Dior's "New Look" can (thankfully!) still be seen today.

Fabulous Fridays


It's FRIDAY!!!  

Here at CherryBlossoms it's no secret that we love vintage lingerie.  
And I mean 


Today we are drooling over these gorgeous vintage nighties!

So feminine and sexy!

And check out this amazing lingerie bag that looks like a corset!

We are wishing we were lounging around eating bon bons in one of these beauties, complete with high healed feather slippers of course.



I had the great honor of shooting the homecoming of Mrs Ts hero a few weeks ago.
Because of FBs new silly rules we will now be posting videos in our blog, so if you have one, link up with us and stay in the loop.
Thanks Mrs T for letting me share your special day with you.


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