Fabulous Friday


We have been super busy at the studio this week, which is absolutely amazing! I love each and every one of my customers! I am currently working on a new website, I don't know how long it will take me to get it just right, but I am exited for you all to see it! One that note I would love some input from all my fans/friends. We find that most of the time people don't know that we do things other then boudoir, like weddings and engagements.
So I was thinking of making our blog more friendly to that? What do you guys think of a second FB fan page one that is just for weddings and the like? I am also thinking of a whats in Sugars bag post for our photographers friends. Is that something you would be interested in? Thanks for the input!

We want to say thank you to all of our service men, women and K-9 that have paid the ultimate price in keeping our nation free. We love you and we will never, ever forget you!

Fabulous Friday


One of my favorite styles of music is smooth jazz from the 1920s.

I can never get enough of it and often you will that’s what I am listing to while editing.

I find that I am sucked in to a time when tommy guns rang out on the street and detectives had cool names.

So today I have put together some of the best makeup tutorials that I have found and other goodies for your viewing pleasure!

I have also included some of my favorite 20s slang!

ab-so-lute-ly: affirmative

Abe's Cabe: five-dollar bill

ace: one-dollar bill

baby grand: heavily built man

baby vamp: an attractive or popular female; student

balled up: confused, messed up

gasper: cigarette

heeler: a poor dancer

high hat: a snob

I am also a huge vampire lover so had to add this one=)
Sugar Day

Fabulous Friday!


What are your plans for the weekend? Maybe a trip to the beach? Take a cue from these bombshells, pack up your beach gear, grab some girlfriends and head to the water! xoxoxo

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