Behind the Scenes!


This week was our mermaid themed photo shoot but before we transformed our lovely ladies into sea goddesses, we experimented on ourselves!

Think of it as a dress rehearsal.

We built the set and spent several hours testing various makeup techniques to get the look we were going for.  Photographer extraordinaire Tabatha also designed and handmade the mermaid costumes, which were stunning!  We took a few test shots and the Photoshop fairy worked her magic to make them extra fabulous!

 I can't wait to see all the CherryBlossom's mermaids!!


  1. Absolutely adorable, will there be shots with them posed on their tummy or sides as well? I love the entire concept, the design of the tail turned out beautiful, love the colors.

  2. i love the shoot would you be interested in selling one of the tails please let me know at


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