Fabulous Friday!!


Hello friends!!  Dia de los Muertos was on Wednesday and is another one of our very favorite days.  It is a day to pray for, remember, and celebrate lost loved ones.  The art and traditions of Day of the Dead are so beautiful and we thought we'd share some of our favorites.

Of course we have to start off with the cover of newly-released Sugar Heart Magazine, which features our lovely Lady.  Amazing, right?!

Sugar skulls were traditionally made to represent a departed soul and were placed on alters or gravestones to honor the return of the spirit.  They are hand-made and are amazing little works of art.

Check out these fabric sugar skulls we found!  Awesome!

Here is a woman in Mexico setting up her home alter.  Beautiful.

This is a gorgeous arbol de la vida by artist Juan Hernandez.

We love this sugar skull retro dress by Pinup Girl Clothing to celebrate all year long!

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