Circus any one?


So we have been thinking at the studio and have decided that. We are going to do a circus theme for our next one of a kind deluxe theme shoot. We would like your feed back as to when you think would be a good time for the shoot. We are thinking the last week of June or the middle of July. We also want to know how many of you are interested in booking so that we know how extravagant of a shoot we can plan and for how many days we should plan for. So please only comment if you are going to be booking. Our deluxe themes are 300.00 and require a deposit of 80.00 to hold spot. Once we have all the details worked out we will release the date and open it for booking. We are thinking corsets and top hats galore!

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  1. Hi Ladies! This sounds great and something I want to do. I would like to book for the last friday in June if possible (we may be getting re stationed somewhere, but hopfully it works out.) I would like to do my personal shoot as a Harley Quin Commic style. So like wear her head peice and do her makeup jut something different for outfit.!!!

    XO Ali B Good


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