Fabulous Friday/ 50's Housewife Experiment!


Hello Lovelies! I hope everyone is having a fabulous day! Today we will be discussing "A typical day in the life of a 50's Housewife - Experiment" After I decided that I was going to do the experiment I researched a 50's Housewife and her daily responsibilities. I am engaged so technically I am a housewife, but I can admit that I lack the skills of the past day housewife. I cook, clean and even fold laundry. I do this every day, not because it's my duty but because I love him. Before beginning this experiment I read through several websites, I even got some information from one of my family members who experienced the 50's I committed to this experiment for five days! (Mon-Fri) The night before I made a list of everything that needed to be done. I went through the list and divided all the chores. I did the living room on Monday, dining room and kitchen on Tuesday, bathroom on Wednesday, Spare bedroom and hallway on Thursday and last but not least my bedroom on Friday. Now my house is not that big, but I learned that there is a lot of work that needs to be done. The first day was very challenging I have to admit. Things started going a lot better around Wednesday. I guess you could say it was smooth sailing from then on out. I do have to say that I have it a lot better than the 50's women had it. They had all that housework and still managed to have time for themselves. I really admire that. If any of you would like to give it a try please tell us about your experience! Have fun girls! XOXO Daily Schedule for the 50's Housewife: 1.Throw back the covers 2.Open up the blinds and windows 3.Freshen up 4.Make and serve breakfast 5.Clean up breakfast 6.Complete a 10-minute exercise regime 7.Shower, do hair and make-up, get dressed 8.Gather a basket for tidying. As the rooms of the home are tackled, pick up items that aren’t where they belong and place them in a basket. Redistribute them where they should be as you enter a new room 9.Straighten up the living and dining room, including picking up potential clutter, light dusting, fluffing / straightening pillows, and watering plants or flowers 10.Make the beds 11.Tidy the bedroom, including light dusting 12.Hang up any clothes that may be about or ensure dirty ones are in the hamper 13.Do a light tidy of the bathroom including removing and replacing used towels, refilling toilet paper and soap (if needed) and cleaning the sink and basin area including soap dishes 14.Review the menu for the current day and the next and compare it to what’s currently available in the home. Make note of anything that needs to be prepared ahead of time or marketing (shopping) that needs to get done 15.Begin long-advance preparations for dinner (such as making dessert) 16.Wipe down kitchen work surfaces and inside the fridge 17.Dispose of garbage 18.Rinse dish cloths and hang to dry 19.Sweep or mop the kitchen floor 20.Handle errands that might take you out of the home (such as marketing, volunteering, going to the post office, getting an item fixed, etc), bookkeeping, correspondence, or indulge in a hobby 21.If returning from the grocery store, wash vegetables, wrap them and put them away. Place rest of groceries or purchases in their proper place 22.Have a quick lunch 23.Start advance food conditioning like crisping vegetables or thawing frozen foods Handle weekly chore for the day (more on that below) 24.Set the table for dinner 25.Arrange the living room for evening enjoyment (such as “the Mister’s” newspaper, book, and cigarettes) 26.Do a quick sweep of the floors and ensure entrance ways are clear 27.Prepare a special dish for dinner 28.Freshen up before the husband returns from work. Consider changing into something more festive if the day dress is plain 29.Set out a tray with equipment for making cocktails, should “the Mister” want to serve drinks before dinner Greet husband “gayly” 30.Serve dinner 31.Clear table and wash dishes 32.Pour boiling water down the sink to ensure pipes are flushed If necessary, pack the husband’s lunch for the next day. Set aside a lunch tray in the refrigerator for yourself if having leftovers 33.Set table for breakfast 34.Ensure breakfast foods are available and do any make-ahead preparations for it 35.Enjoy an evening of relaxation

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